Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Reports

Third grade is the first time my students complete book reports.  I really didn’t know what I was doing my first year and didn’t assign a genre or project.  Instead I handed out a list of ideas and the students were to pick from that list.  I learned quickly that the following year I had to assign a genre and project.  I think it’s important to assign the genre because children will keep reading the genre that interests them.  They will never go outside the “box” to read something different.  I try to get our public librarian in to read to us and bring books that go with that month’s genre. 
Here is an example of the list I hand out at the start of the year.  I also send home a letter explaining what to do and assign the due date about four weeks before the report is due.  I do NOT keep the list the same each year.  I would get very bored with seeing the same projects over and over. 

September       Sandwich Book Report-any genre
October           Skelton Book Report-horror/scary book
November       Newberry Award Winner Poster
December        NONE
January            Biography Time Line
February          Tall Tale Report
March              Historical Brochure
April                Math Month Math Hunt
May                 Fiction Windsock
June                 NONE

This is a letter I have sent home in the past

February Book Report
Genre: Biography

Needed Materials:
Six 3-by 5-inch index cards
Glue stick or double stick tape
Assembled book (done in class)
Real picture of the person you are reporting on

Pick out a biography and have it approved by your teacher.
Assemble your book according to the directions given in class.
On each notecard, illustrate one picture showing something that happened in the life of your person.  This must be done NEATLY and in COLOR.
Glue or tape the picture to a page in your book. 
Under the picture, write a caption.  Remember that this is done in cursive!
Present your finished album to the class.

Due Dates:
February 3: Have book picked out and approved by teacher
February 4: Book will be assembled in class
February 11:  Have the first two pictures with captions completed.  Have a real picture of your person for the cover of your photo album.
February 18:  Have the next two pictures with captions completed
February 25:  Have the last two pictures with captions completed

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