Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Landforms and Candy

When teaching my third graders about landforms I like to use candy.  A week or so before the activity takes place I send a letter home asking certain students to bring in the items to make the lesson possible.
 I do this for holiday parties as well.  I divide my class list into 4 sections at the start of the year.  The first section is for the Halloween party, the second for the landform activity, the third for our Christmas party, and the fourth for our Valentines’ party.  That way each child has a chance to bring something in for a party and we don’t end up with too much sugary things (I assign what they are to bring in).
These are the candies I use and what they represent:

One box of graham crackers                           PLAINS
One bag of Hershey Kisses                             MOUNTAINS
One box of Dots                                             HILLS
One box of Ritz Bits cracker sandwiches       PLATUES
One bag of Pull and Peel Twizzlers                RIVERS
BLUE Fruit by the Foot or Fruit Roll Up      LAKES
This picture was the only one I can find and the graham cracker is broke!

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