Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monthly Take Home Projects

In the past, depending on my class, I sometimes do monthly projects on top of book reports.  Much like the book reports, I send home a letter explaining the directions and assign a due date a few weeks before the projects are due.  Here is a list I worked from about two years ago:

August             Make You Own Name Tag (done in class on the first day)
September       Design a house for the fourth little pig
October           Make a money timeline (find coins with years related to life events)
November       Dress the turkey
December        Gingerbread house (done in class)
January            NONE
February          Design a box for you Valentines (done in class-students bring in box)
March              Make a Leprechaun Trap
April                Passports
May                 Passports
June                 NONE

Passports will be explained later in this blog.  It is a super fun project and the only one I repeat year to year.

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