Friday, September 9, 2011

Scientific Method

New teachers, old teachers... doesn't matter... if you are a teacher, you need to be a member of

I have found great things on there.  One being this sheet that my students use when conducting experiments.

You have to be a member in order to download the document, but membership is free.

In the begining of the year we do several small experiments that are very teacher led, from filling out the worksheet together to giving step by step directions.

After a few experiments done together, they are expected to conduct the experiments and fill in the worksheet on their own.  They still have a set of directions to follow, but it is not as teacher directed as it was before.

So far we have done the gummy bear in water experiment and today we put seeds in a wet paper towel and some in a dry paper towel (both are in their own baggie and taped to the window).  Very easy to conduct, very easy steps for the worksheet, but it's great practice and the kids love any kind of experiment.

A book on the matter (so cute!)

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