Monday, September 5, 2011

Cause and Effect

After a confusing cause and effect lesson, I went home and started to brainstorm ways to make this concept easier.

I went online to search for pictures of the following:

A baby crying

A kid making a face

A car stuck in mud

A team celebrating

A broken car windshield

The next day I took these pictures to school and taped each to its own large chart paper.  I wrote "Effect" next to each picture, drew a line under it, and wrote "Cause".

I spilt the children into teams, each team with their own color marker (so I knew what team wrote the cause).  I told them that the picture is what happened.  It's the EFFECT.  They had to come up with the cause (or what MADE it happen). 

It was a GREAT lesson and the kids really understood cause and effect that way. 

Hopefully when I review in a couple weeks they'll still "get it".

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