Monday, August 29, 2011

Place Value

One of the learner outcomes for 3rd grade is to be able to read, write, and compare numbers up to 100,000.  In order to read numbers these big, we need to know place value up to the hundred thousands place.
Before I start this lesson, I assess the students to see if they know it up to the thousands place.  99% of the time they do.  .

The first thing we do after the pretest is to make a place value flip chart.  To do this you'll need to fold your paper the long way (like a hotdog).  Then cut the top layer of your paper into six slits.  One top of each flap, starting on the RIGHT going to the LEFT write 1, 2, 3, and so on.  Finally, lift the flap up and on the paper under the flap, label each ones, tens, hundreds, etc.  When the students are completing a sheet on place value they can count the number of digits and lift the proper flap.  So if the number was 124,587 and they needed to know the place value of the 2, they would count how many digits over it is (5) find the five on their flip chart, lift the flap and see that it's the ten-thousands place.

When I get my new camera I will post a picture!  I hope this makes sense!

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