Sunday, September 2, 2012


So, I just survived my first week of school.  Yay me!

We are starting our plant unit, which ties in with the food chain and ecosystems.

The first thing I did (and didn't get pictures of) was to soak lima beans and have the kids take them apart.  They drew what they saw and labeled each part (covering, stored food, embryo).  The kids were super excited to see where the plant comes from.

Next we took a lima bean and wrapped it in wet paper towels.  That was placed in a baggie, sealed, and taped to the windows of the lab.  We will continue to watch it for growth.

Finally we took a lily apart, and put each piece under the correct label on a chart.  Teaching reproductive parts of a flower to 3rd graders is not an easy task, but they did a really nice job.  This is a smart class!

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