Friday, March 2, 2012

Types of Rocks

We are wrapping up a unit on rocks and minerals in my classroom.  We had some really fun lab days when learning about the different types of rocks and how they are formed.

For sedimentary rocks we took different crayons shavings and placed them on pieces of foil.  Then we folded the foil over and used our palms to apply pressure.

For metamorphic rocks we used peanut butter (no peanut allergies), chocolate chips, and marshmallows.  We chopped everything up and mixed in the peanut butter.  We then made balls out of it, placed them in cupcake liners and microwaved them.

For igneous we took a melted mixture and let it cool.

We have these awesome rock and mineral collection at school.  They really help with learning about rocks and minerals.  If you are going to start a rock/mineral unit, you should have a set of your own.

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