Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Popcorn adjectives

Such a fun (and yummy) lesson...

I went to Five Below and purchased enough of these so each student has one:

Popcorn Boxes (8 count)
I assembled these and stapled them to my bulletin board (with film strip border).

I made sheets that have four popcorn pieces on them.  I made a sheet for each student and passed it out with a plate.

On each plate I dumped a dixie cup of each of the following flavors of popcorn:
white cheddar
hot cheese (only if they asked for this-everyone did)

Inside each piece of popcorn the students wrote an adjective to describe the popcorn.  They cut them out and placed them on the bulletin board to look like the pieces were popping out.

The best part?  I'm eating the leftover popcorn as I type this!  Yum-O!

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