Saturday, November 19, 2011

Eight year olds gone WILD!

Have you ever had those days when you know that little to no teaching is going to get done?  Friday was one of those days.  It was the last day before a week break (which includes Thanksgiving).  The children knew they had earned a movie day (Charlie Brown Thanksgiving).  My student teacher brought in popcorn to teach a lesson on scarcity.  We had an assembly and a prayer service.  It was cold and the kids were convinced it was going to snow (it didn't).

It was also someone's bday and she brought in huge homemade chocolate cupcakes (so good!). 

We actually manged to get through everything except math (which was a lesson on arrays using jellybeans-I wasn't going to go there). 

The last five minutes was utter madness.  The birthday girl was blowing up a balloon someone gave her and letting it go.  The remaining children (the bussers leave earlier) were screaming and chasing the balloon around the room.  One girl (my "golden child" lol) was sitting at her desk looking like she was WAY too mature to be in that room.  Watching them was like watching wild animals in their habitat.  I felt like eight year olds on the wild should be a show on TLC. 

Finally the bell rang and it was time to leave.

Did I mention I get a week off for Thanksgiving?  I am so very thankful!

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