Monday, October 24, 2011

Using a ruler

Does anyone hate teaching how to measure as much as I do?  The children never get it (at least mine don't).  I work on it for months and finally lightbulbs start going off.

One of the things I started to do that seems to help is to make a LARGE line segment on a piece of paper (I make mine 16 inches long).

On either side I mark "0" and "1".  Then using the inch marks on the rule I put a mark for every inch.  When I'm done I have a HUGE inch that is divided into 16ths.  The children use these during math and for homework (they have two copies-one stays at school and one at home).

Then I used butcher paper to make another GIANT inch (48 inches).  I also marked that "0" and "1" on either side and drew marks every four inches.  Now I have a huge ruler for my floor.  Laminate it and call on students to stand on whatever measurement you give them!

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