Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When am I going to use this?

My students don’t ask this question often, but I’m sure they are thinking it!  I know as a student I often wondered when I’d use half the stuff I was learning. 
When you are lesson planning, make sure that you are thinking of examples of real life situations that you have had where you used this information.
 For example, you use measuring often, especially as a homeowner and parent.  How long does the baby gate have to extend to fit in this space?  How high up should I mount this shelf so it’s halfway between the ceiling and back of the couch?  Will a new dishwasher fit here?  Can this chair fit through my door?  How long do my window treatments need to be?
Why do you need to sign your name in cursive? 
Stratus clouds are in the sky today so I probably don’t want to go to the zoo tomorrow.
These of course are just a few examples. 
I always try to make sure I mention something about how I’ve used the skill in the past.  If possible, I bring materials in to have them “help” me.  I might bring in pictures and dimensions of baby gates and have them pick one that will fit where I need it and meet my budge requirements.  Maybe I bring in a check and show them where I need to sign to get my money. 
If you need help figuring out how a lesson applies to real life, do not hesitate to post a comment and I can help you.

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