Friday, July 8, 2011

Being prepared for the week

As I complete my plans for the week, I start making my copies or labeling my masters for copies to be made (we are lucky enough to have someone who makes our copies for us).

Right near my desk I have an organization unit to hold all my worksheets and needed items for that day.  My bins look like this:

Each drawer is labeled with the day of the week (Monday-Friday) and the sixth one is labeled "extra".  My extra bin is for having things on hand in case a lesson goes faster than I thought, or a special is cancelled that day and we need something to do.  I keep extra math worksheets, spare Scholastic News, word searches, etc in there.  You'll know what you need in there when you have your own classroom.  It really depends on what the students are currently learning, what needs to be reviewed, what they enjoy... 

Besides it making it easier for me, it also makes things easier for a sub if you are out with short notice.  I always make sure I find a couple responsible students and show them where everything is in case I'm ever out.  Some of my students can run the classroom themselves!

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