Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to School!

Here are some boards I’ve done in the past, or have seen done in my school.  You can purchase cutouts or print them and have your students decorate them.  I prefer to print them because it gives us something to do on the first day back (which is a full day for us-so it’s LOOONG).
Swinging Into __________ Grade Monkeys in trees with students’ names on them
It’s Going to be a T-riffic year or Look Who’s Hanging on in _________ Grade cutouts of T-shirts-students color them and write their name on them
Baaaaack to School sheep with students’ names
Leap Into _________ Grade frogs with students’ names-blue background
Riding Into ______ Grade large school bus.  Take student pictures on first day and put their faces in the bus windows
Kick Off to a Great Year or Stepping into ____ Grade shoes students can color and write their names in
School’s in Session  each student gets a fish body.  Students draw their face (or use a real photo) and glue it to the fish body
Bushels of Fun apple on tree with students’ names
Welcome to the Pack backpack cutouts for students to color
Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom Look Who’s in Our Room coconut tree with letters on each coconut.  Take pictures of students and put their picture and name by the letter of the alphabet on the tree
Bananas about ____ Grade Monkeys and bananas with students’ names in them
_________ Grade is Groovy old CDs with students’ names on them
A Scooper Bunch of ___ Graders serve ice cream first day-take pictures and post them on board
A New Batch of ____ Graders each student decorates a paper cookie.  Have a large cookie jar in center of board with their names on it

Blast Off to a Great Year students each decorate a rocket
Darting into ______ Grade each student colors and decorates a dart-center of board has a dart board
Wel-GUM to My Classroom Draw a large gum ball machine on your board-cut out construction paper for gumballs and write your students’ names in them
Quack, Quack, Welcome Back! Duck cutouts with students’ names
A Big Hand to Our Class have a large hand cutout on the board-students will trace, cut out, and write their name on their own hand to hang around large hand
Having a Great Time in “Hour” Class students will color and decorate clocks or watches
Soaring High in ________ Grade Use hot air balloons or kites for students to color
All of the Pieces are Together Again or All the Pieces are Coming Together use tag board to make puzzle pieces for each student to write their name in and decorate
Where Did Your Feet Take You? Students write a short piece inside a foot about what they did this summer
Revving Up for a Great Year Students decorate a motorcycle and use a picture of themselves for the rider’s face
Really cute website for more ideas:

Do you have an idea you don’t see listed here?  Please post it!

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